Are your investment returns being squeezed by management fees or commissions?

Do you want to know but are afraid to ask?

Do you know what fees you're paying? Do you know if your portfolio is truly diversified?

Why Me?

I'm Phil Fragasso, the founder of Audit
Your FA.
For many years I've been
focused on helping individuals invest
confidently and successfully on their
own. That's why I co-authored the
well-received do-it-yourself guide
book, Your Nest Egg Game Plan,
with BYU professor Craig Israelsen.

I also understand that many people
prefer to have someone else manage
their investments. In those cases I work to ensure that clients are equipped to ask the right questions of their advisors to make sure they’re getting good advice at a fair price.

I no longer manage money. I don't make specific recommendations regarding one advisor over another. I am not affiliated with any other firm, nor do I receive compensation from anyone other than my clients. That means I can review and assess your investment account(s) with no conflicts of interest. I am on your side and your side only.

Wall Street is often seen as the land of broken promises. The financial services industry seems designed to ensure that investment firms make money whether you do or not. And most of the 24/7 talking heads on CNBC and Fox Business serve primarily to terrify and confuse their viewers.

The individual investor is at a huge disadvantage and it's time for a change. I'm here to help. Like a reformed safe-cracker who now consults with law enforcement, I understand the sales and marketing gimmicks designed to sell overpriced and misunderstood investment products because that’s what I did for over twenty-five years.

My goal is to educate and empower people to make wise and profitable decisions about their hard-earned money. Acting as a trusted mentor, teacher and coach, my knowledge of the financial services industry provides clients with an easily understood and actionable assessment of their current investment strategy.

You're Not Alone

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